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---In each folder, there is a set of rules about what works do and do not belong in the folder. PLEASE READ the rules to make sure you're submitting to the right folder.

Due to some confusion as to where works go, works will be accepted and placed in their correct folders if a mistake is made. Just please, try to get it right the first time. It makes it easier for us.

I understand a few people messing up on folder submitting but right now, let's discuss a few things:

THIS IS FOR ANY TWO PARTY MEMBER OF TEAM MINATO!  Could be romantic, could be platonic.  In general, it's two people.  This means it can be Kakashi/Obito, Obito/Rin, Minato/Rin, Minato/Kakashi, Minato/Obito, Kakashi/Rin.  This does not mean one of the gaiden team members with another character or an OC.  Thats in the With Others folder.

THIS IS FOR THREE OR FOUR PARTY MEMBER OF TEAM GAIDEN!  This does not mean, for example, works with Minato, Kakashi and Naruto are allowed.  This is because Naruto is NOT in the gaiden team.  That works belong in the With Others folder.

I think I've already stated from the first two what belongs here lol

Works will still be accepted and moved over.  Just it does get irritating when it seems like people do not care where works belong.  As always, if you have questions, PLEASE ASK!

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...::Welcome to Kakashi-Gaiden-Club, a club based on the manga arc Kakashi's Gaiden, from Naruto::...



Hello, everyone!

:iconobito-uchiha13: is looking for voice actors for an animation they plan on making. It is based on an Obito/Tobi x Rin fanfiction. The story is called "Under the Same Sun" The voices will be needed for a section of Chapter 13 of this story.

The following is a link to the Fanfiction:

This fanfiction is NOT theirs, though.  It belongs to erlebnisse.

The characters they will need voices for are as followed:
-Tobi (Madara voice)
-Obito (older)
-Rin (she is older but she shouldn't really have a voice change from when she was younger)

Please, check out their journal here for more information…

---12.09.09 Ok, no one really said anything, just one, (thankies btw) so now...

WE ARE A GROUP!!! :sarcasticclap:

With the new group now, you all can now automatically become members!!!  Please join and note if there are any problems!!!  You will still be considered a member if you already joined but didn't join via means of the new way... it just the new way makes it more easier to keep a track of everything.

---07.30.09 TODAY THE GAIDEN ANIME PREMIERED!!! Yes, I have seen it and I have to say it keeps very true to the manga!!! >w<  But due to dA's policy on links to copyright materials, I cannot provide a link to the episodes.  Please search for them on your own, it is out there and already subbed!!!

Also, the premiere of the Gaiden does seem to tie in with the recent Naruto Shippuuden movie coming out Aug. 1st... OBITO IS SAID TO MAKE A FLASHBACK CAMEO IN THE MOVIE!!! ...think about it:  The quote he taught Kakashi who tells his students the quote is said frequently with the trailers! lol

---03.31.08 :w00t: CONGRATS TO THE CLUBS 100,000 HITS!!! :party: :w00t: (will be making special piccy for occassion!) ...sorta sad though that the club has surpassed my own account O__o lol


---05.10.13 Leaf Section Updated
---01.30.13 Rumor Section Updated-Leaf Section Updated
---10.24.12 Leaf Section Updated
---08.29.12 Rumor Section Updated-Leaf Section Updated
---08.12.12 Rumor Section Updated
---07.28.10 Contest over!
---05.24.10 Contest started!
---12.09.09 Club became a Group!
---12.01.09 New Members
---08.13.05 Club Opened!

If you find any mistakes on any page here, whether it be a broken link, no icon in journal after sending note, or wrong info, please notify me to change it right away! ;P
More Journal Entries








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Hello Members of Kakashi Gaiden Club! You might be interested in a Raffle narutofanclub is hosting, please feel free to check it out here:…

We would love it if you can participate! :D (Big Grin)
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Hello! Will you guys be making a folder for doujinshi? 8D
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For now, there is no need for a doujinshi folder (seeing as we only have one doujinshi featured in the group) but if the need for it should come up, it will be added :)
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Okay I'll wait ^^, 
 I just wondering because I have a Kakashi Gaiden Doujinshi I was interested in posting 8D
Mockingbyrd Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
youre free to submit it (i encourage it lol), if its a general group one, you can just submit it to the group folder for now and like i said, if more people create more, i will create a special folder and move everything over 
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while reading chapter 597 i was going OMG OMG OMG

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and then OMG OMG OMG again lol
Mockingbyrd Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
dude! my heart was pounding!! when kakashi was all like 'where the fuck did you get that eye?!' i was waiting for tobi to pull an obito line and then take off that mask! why does kishi do this to us?!
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